Monday, 14 January 2013

2013 Self Catering Web Awards

Merlin Farm has been shortlisted for the 2013 Self Catering Web Awards ! We've got through to the final 20 out of 372 entries ! Winners will be announced Friday 18th January - wish us luck !

About the Award
Competition in the self-catering market is growing; and as consumers our methods of searching for, and booking holidays are changing. Figures show that seven in ten people who took a holiday last year booked entirely online [source: Mintel]. The Self-Catering Web Awards have been established to recognise self-catering property owners, managers and agencies who have embraced these progressions and are providing an excellent online customer experience.

Friday, 4 January 2013

UK Holiday or Abroad ?

UK versus Abroad, beat the rain !

So now that the Christmas and New Year celebrations are out the way, one ponders on where to book their next holiday. Like many the main decision is UK or Abroad ? Now obviously I am biased towards the UK as I have 6 holiday cottages that I'd naturally love to be able to fill all year round ! The truth is we love our abroad holidays too. In fact the last time we went to Spain our plane was unnecessarily cancelled due to the Ash, we had to dash to another airport and book an alternative flight, it then rained heavily for half the week ! We made the most of it by choosing undercover activities on those days, i.e really cool Caves in the mountains ! I think that planning is the secret to a successful holiday, not planning every day meticulously, but having a rainy day list so that you get to see the best of where you are no matter the weather, never waste a day ! If the weather is fine it's cheap and easy, head for the beach and take a picnic. Rainy days don't always have to come with a price tag, head to the beach in your waterproofs then take some Pasties back to eat in front of the fire ! Go surfing, you'll be getting wet anyway ! If you are a beginner we recommend booking some lessons with the fabulous Being on holiday for us is being away from everyday life, away from work and familar surroundings and exploring new ones. The weather is important but not the be all and end all, it mustn't be ! We have come across a fabulous website:, it proves invaluable to planning a great holiday in Cornwall, rain or shine !
Another great thing about booking a holiday in the UK is you are in control (to a certain extent). For me a holiday abroad can be quite stressful, will the flights be cancelled ? what if we miss our plane ? what if we lose our passports ? (highly unlikely I know), I only relax once I'm in the air ! OK so it will be worth it when you get there, fabulous sunshine (hopefully) but remember wherever you plan to go, UK or Abroad, make sure you check out those rainy day options before hand to make the most out of your holiday !

Still fancy the UK ? North Cornwall is BEAUTIFUL ! Please check out our website