Sunday, 31 March 2013

Classic Air Force Opening Weekend

Wow what a fabulous opening day at the Classic Air Force. We were itching to get up there on Good Friday, we had cottage changeovers do do first and were being teased by seeing and hearing all the air activity and managed to get up there by about 3 o'clock !

It was heartwarming to see just how many people turned up to support this new Cornish tourist attraction, a couple of thousand I believe averaging each day over the Easter Weekend !

A lot had changed since our sneak preview just 13 days before, new aircraft, restored aircraft, a cinema, a great cafe and shop (which we hadn't seen first time round) and as we arrived the Dakota flew over which was a fantastic welcome !

We saw lots of people we knew and stopped and chatted whilst the kids were entertained by the cinema film, karts, bouncy castle, lazer tag and simulator. They were also given an aircraft themed quiz to keep them busy and they were delighted to earn a goody bag at the end. Darrel was interviewed by BBC radio Cornwall, giving his thoughts on the new attraction and recounting memories of original RAF St Mawgan Air day's.

Saturday evening was spent up at the Hanger Bash, a great band and hog roast. Again, a fantastic atmosphere and great to see so many supporters. The kids were happy to do everything they had done the day before and we literally had to drag them out of the hangar at the end of the night !

In the last week we have enjoyed being kept up to date by The Classic Air Forces Facebook page, real time information on which aircraft are flying, we have leaped out the house many times with the camera, they fly past Merlin Farm so it is very exciting for us !

We wish the Classic Air Force continued success !

Written by Ruben: On Good Friday we went to the opening day up at st.morgan.last time we talked about me going there 13 days before it opened and a few of the things coming up,ok now you can be exited because I'm going to finish of what I talked about last time (the hog roast and the new arrivals)but I'm also going to finish my blog posts,give me a boo, but I will do some talk about some more little things that might pop up at the hanger.lets talk about some things that don't involve sadness and sorrow,now as I was talking about there is one new plane witch is the second dragon Rapide but most of the planes have been re painted and re built,also there was a lot of stuff for the kids like the go karts and the lazer tag but there was also a bouncy castle,a simulator,a hog roast and a band.I truly think it was an amazing time writing and seeing the true history of wwII and I would like to rate it five star,so now you go and see for your self at the classic Air Force museum.

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