Monday, 4 March 2013

Spring is coming !

Latest News from Merlin Farm 4/3/13 

We have reached March and I am getting a little excited about Spring approaching ! The days are getting longer and with the milder weather we have been trying to get out and about as much as we can and experience our lovely County. 
Taking a little walk around the farm today we were shocked at how much our little sustainable forest has grown, seedlings were planted out only three years ago !
With all the fine dry weather Denzel has been delighted to have had more walks than usual ! It's such a wonderful experience walking along deserted beaches. Just leaving the office for half an hour and getting some fresh air feels so refreshing. This was Mawgan Porth this morning, the tide just going out. I must try not to forget how lucky we are living so close to this beautiful beach !
When the sun shines I just can't help but crave Cornish Cream Teas ! Last Sunday we went back to Cardinham Woods near Bodmin for a walk and popped into Woods Cafe for Lunch, as you can see they did not disappoint ! And yes it tasted as good as it looks ! (we actually sat outsde !) Cardinham Woods and the Cafe always seem busy, it's a very popular place and I can see why. There are a number of leisurly walks through lush woodland and alongside a river and a lovely children's adventure playground. For those wanting more of a challenge, there is a new Cross Country Track - The Bodmin Beast cycle trail, 12km of single track, with climbs, descents and technical features (you’ll need a good level of fitness to complete the route).
When the sun shines, Merlin Farm's Hens will lay !
With eggs a plenty I find myself cooking up culinary delights like this Eggs Benedict, just look at how orange the yolks are ! Merlin Farm guests recieve fresh free range eggs on arrival (subject to availability). Come the Summer the Hens don't lay as well, they love to lay in the Spring. Our Ducks which were born last Summer have also now started laying huge blue eggs and shortly the geese will be laying, book a stay with us and come and have a try !
If you've ever driven down to Cornwall, you would have passed over Bodmin Moor on the A30, but probably never noticed nor appreciated it's true beauty. We visited our friends that live on Bodmin Moor last weekend and took a snapshot looking across to the South Coast. Bodmin Moor is a wonderful place, it's worth just stopping to have a short wander around or a picnic and the kids love looking for the wild ponies ! Try to get as high as you can to experience a 360 degree view of Cornwall.
And Finally.............
Easter is fast approching, if you fancy escaping to Cornwall for the holidays take a look at our Easter page, full of things to do, Easter themed activities and if you book a stay at Merlin Farm from 29th March - 5th April the Children recieve an Easter Gift Hamper on arrival !

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