Sunday, 17 March 2013

Classic Air Force

Written by Ruben (age 9)

On Sunday the seventeenth of march we visited the newly created 'classic air craft museum'. Let's go back a couple of years, remember that R.A.F station hanger(404) well it's now a place where you can see 10 classic air planes and even fly in 3 of them, awesome! And the fun doesn't stop there, 8 more air craft are on their way and also a delicious hog roast for the opening day. Ok you may be thinking why in the world would I be there 13 day's before it open's. It's a long long story well maybe not that long, even though its the seventeenth of march it's also my grand dad's birth day so as a surprise my mum arranged that we'd go for a sneak peak before it opened and so on.........Coincidentally my grand dad also used to work on nimrods when he was at R.A.F St Mawgan, so it was a familiar sight for him and a great surprise. I was also very interested about all this history and being the little photographer I am, I captured many great photo's and these are the names of the planes I took.


Sea Devon

Sea Hawk

Jet Provost

Hawker Hunter


Percival Proctor



Dragon Rapide

I will tell you about the 8 new planes in my next blog post and about the delicious hog roast yum...yum...yum...